Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions:

  • Your stay will be monitored by our guard and closed circuit cameras for your safety. No pictures or recordings will be made. Your privacy is completely guaranteed. If you DO want pictures or video to be taken, please indicate this in your pre-timeout communication with us, so we can prepare for this.
  • You are encouraged to use the restroom before your bondage timeout. Please make sure you do so, your stay will NOT be interrupted by toilet breaks.
  • Damage to our facilities (including the jail cell and the hospital room) will be charged. Please behave and relax, enjoy your stay.
  • NO sexual services of any kind are offered here. Please respect our staff, any harassment will be reported to the authorities.
  • Please do not engage in masturbating or self-stimulating activities. Any attempt to do so will be stopped and we reserve the right to terminate your stay without restitution.