Timeout categories

Valentina Vox

Prison Time

Need some prison time?? Our prison cell is waiting for you! Our lovely female guards will lock you in handcuffs and ankle cuffs, and tell you to leave your shoes and personal belongings behind. You will remain cuffed for the entire experience. There will be no release before your time is up.   We have […]

Segufix Time

Need a little Segufix timeout? We have all the Segufix restraints needed for a perfect asylum experience! Ankle, wrist, and thigh straps are the minimum requirements. We can add belly straps, shoulder straps, and even head fixation for the experienced restraints fan. Additionally, hand mittens are available to make you feel even more helpless. We […]

Cage Time

The new cage is now available! We have a large heavy cage for you to get restrained in. The cage is 190cm x 70cm x 70cm. If that is not confined enough for you, it can be divided in half for a really exciting experience! Or bring a friend / partner to spend time in […]