Pricing and information


Zara from is one of the guards you can book for your timeout!

1 hour – 100 euro

2 hours – 180 euro

3 hours – 250 euro

4 hours – 310 euro

5 hours – 370 euro

6 hours – 430 euro

7 hours – 490 euro

8 hours – 550 euro

9 hours – 610 euro

10 hours – 670 euro

11 hours – 730 euro

12 hours – 790 euro

more – contact us for pricing, overnight stays are possible

First time customers are required to deposit 50% of the fee in advance. We accept bank transfer (IBAN, BACS, ACH, and more), credit card, debit card, and a lot of other payment options!

Prices include VAT. An invoice is no problem! On request, we can send you a invoice, without any mention of BondageTimeOut of course (it will just specify the location rent).

Please note: 1 or 2 hours is a really short experience, often not enough for a proper TimeOut, whereas 9+ hours is starting to become a true challenge! Email us if you are not sure what duration is best for you!


Valentina Vox would love to take good care of you!

This is a customized service where you get to spend time in restraints for your chosen time period. Your time starts when you enter, you will be arrested (prison time) or prepared (segufix time) and restrained and your experience ends exactly after have done your time. Whether you chose the prison setting, the cage room, or the hospital setting, you can communicate your wishes and choose your restraints and positions beforehand. We will make sure we have everything to fulfill your fantasy, and everything will be ready for you.

Male and female guards are available, including some very experienced and famous ones, like Zara from! Be sure to specify if you want a male or female guard for your stay!

Your TimeOut will be a fun, relaxing, but challenging experience. You will be spending your chosen time period in restraints and you will NOT be released until the time is up. Please think about the length of your TimeOut very carefully. Begging, threatening, cursing, or struggling will NOT get you released any sooner. You may as well just enjoy your stay.

Our facility is not wheelchair accessible, it is on the first floor. If you want to have a restraints experience and you can not get up the stairs, please contact us for a custom experience!

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Our facility is in Woerden, the Netherlands. The exact address will be sent to you after booking. There is plenty of parking space in front of the door!

If you arrive by train at Woerden station (a 40 minute direct train from Amsterdam Central), it is a 10 minute walk to the location. If you are not able to walk to the location: let us know, our discrete driver can pick you up from the station and bring you back after your session.