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  1. Chastity Prisoner

    Spent a lot of time in that jail ( the last time even in drag) and it was a lot of fun. The guard, Anahi, is very sweet and fortunately also very strict. I taught her how to cuff someone effectively to a chair and immediately regretted it: she left for half an hour without possibility to move! We had a good laugh about that. Highly recommended.

  2. Martin

    I have had two BTO’s. It were very perfect hours with Anahi and Zara. My plan is to come again in May 2020 if possible.
    BTO is a very exciting experience, that I can recommend to everybody who like to be cuffed for some hours.

  3. Sven


    the BTO is a great idea, you can spend your booked time in cuffs with a very lovely guard. You can try serveral ways to be cuffed and you will learn a lot of different cuffs.
    I had two BTOs and sure I will comeback for another one. Both where great experiences and exciting and relaxing hours.
    So if you are interessted in cuffs or if you like beeing tied up – you should book a BTO.

  4. chastity prisoner

    Just did a vèeeeery long time and I loved every minute. Just me and a good book; no phone or computer to distract me, only the lovely guard who put me in various cuffs and other hellish devices. Anahi is probably the sweetest guard in the universe but don’t mess with her. She might get very evil……:D.
    Thank you for the wonderful experience.

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