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  1. Loïc

    It was my first bondage timeout (at this place as I already had similar experiences in BDSM studios), for a total of 8 hours with Zara as my guard. I spent 4 hours in the prison cell and 4 hours strapped in Segufix. I was welcomed by Zara and after a few minutes to go to the toilets, get dressed, and leave my personal belongings, it was time for arrest. I was ordered to stand face to the wall for a safety search and then I got hands and feet cuffed and had to wear a waistbelt. Then I was leaded to my cell. The cuffs were very effective and Zara really knows how to use them. I was cuffed in very different positions. The bars of my cell were almost useless as the handcuffs were quite enough to prevent any escape. Several times I tried to escape as it is part of the game for me but I realized it was completely impossible as Zara really knows how to handle a prisoner. I was looking for real escape proof conditions and this place is one of the few capable to offer that. My freedom was completely in the hands of Zara and eventhough I’m much taller and stronger she really had no trouble enforcing my captivity and keeping me still. If she had decided to keep me captive for one week I would have remained captive for one week. Even when I went to the toilets halfway I was still wearing cuffs on hands and feet so that there was no opportunity to run away at this time. For transfer from prison to Segufix I was fully chained up and marched down as a real prisoner to the medical bed and the chains were only removed once strapped down enough to have no hope of escape. Segufix is an incredible system it is comfortable and secure at once, you can squirm as long as you want, you won’t go anywhere. I also tried to beg the guard to set me free before the time is over and she declined and kept me prisoner for as long as agreed before. Zara can be very strict but also cares for her prisoners. When I was strapped down she fed me with some snacks directly held to my mouth and also I could drink some water. I will probably be back.

  2. chastity prisoner

    Lost count on how many times I’ve been in that cell, maybe I’m just a hardcore criminal. :D.
    This time I had some new things: 2 guards, Anahi and Zara, of course I had to try the new cage (simply genial, unescapable) and Segufix to end it all.That wasn’t so bad, I could even move my arms and legs ! (About a cm). Loved it all.
    Most fun however was the doggy play. Especially Zara had a lot of fun trailing me around on a leash in my dog mask on hands and knees. When they cuffed my knees tightly together I really couldn’t get up, simple but effective. And of course no talking allowed, only barks and yelps, or else…..(brrrr).
    I brought my own camera and the guards made a lot of videos. On every one of them I hear a lot of laughter and not only of the guards.
    That is how it was: we all had a lot of fun.
    See you next time.

  3. András

    It was my third visit at Woerden. Now I have booked an overnight stay. The guard was Zara this time. Earlier I have never been here so long time. I have applied for a prison play but I was very interested in the cage, thus I have asked to spend some time in the cage as well. To turn it more exciting I have asked to do not tell me in advance, how long time should I spend in the cage. The prison play included prison drills, standing in the corner, lying on the bed hogcuffed, lying under the bed. Handmittens were also applied. The highlight of the night was the 2 hours in the cage. Hand- and leg cuffed, blindfolded, and the divider was inserted to the cage. It was fantastic. I think the prison cell is unnnecessarv big for a hardcore prisoner. These useless human creatures should be kept in as small place as possible.
    I am already waiting my next visit with many wishes and dreams. I hope next time she will more intensively use her baton.

  4. Michiel

    After been experiencing a few short(er) timeouts in the past I had the opportunity to book another timeout a few weeks ago. This time I went for 8 hours and I had a special request: to book a timeout with both Anahi and Zara present as I really wanted to combine a prison timeout and a segufix timeout. As Anahi and Zara for me have both their own speciality in this – Anahi as a prison guard and Zara as a nurse – I booked them both. This turned out to be a fantastic experience.

    When I arrived Anahi was already waiting for, wearing her prison guard uniform. The first four hours of the timeout would in the prison cell. After changing into my prison uniform I was cuffed and had to enter the cell where I would stay. During the time in the cell Anahi restrained me in various different cuffs, some of which were a challenge to endure, especially the Irish-8 cuffs.

    While I was cuffed in the cell, after almost 4 hours or so Zara also arrived, wearing her nurse uniform, preparing for the transfer to the hospital bed. Together they cuffed me in handcuffs with a Bluebox and a waist chain and ankle cuffs with a very short chain which made me barely able to walk, only very small steps. In these restraints I had to walk to the bed which took a while.

    Arriving at the bed I had to get in which was quite a challenge with the restraints still applied. As per my request the cuffs would stay on while Zara applied the first straps. Only after the straps for my legs were applied Anahi removed the leg cuffs. After that the same happened with my wrists.

    In the second half of the timeout Zara took care of me, adding and modifying straps during the four hours that I was restrained at the bed. Most of the time I was also blindfolded and part of the time gagged as well wmaking me feel really helpless, which I liked very much.

    Obviously time flies when having a timeout like this and the 8 hours were over before I thought it was. Before I knew it she was at the bed starting to take off the straps and the timeout was over. Fun fact is that Zara can be really quiet coming to the bed and as I was blindfolded she was often there without me even noticing she was coming.

    This timeout was absolutely the best I had so far with both Anahi and Zara performing their role exactly as I had imagined. I can recommend everyone to try this kind of timeout with two guards and spending both time in the prison cell as well as the hospital bed.

  5. Clem

    Last summer, I had the chance to experience a 5 hours bondage timeout in segufix with Anahi.
    These 5 hours passed so quickly, it was such a great time. Anahi, who is so beautiful, sweet and loves bondage, was laughing at my inescapable situation, sometimes adding more bondage tools, sometimes giving me with the magnetic keys of my restraints (that are useless strapped as I was), sometimes asking me to try to escape …
    It was really a great experience, and sadly quite short in fact (as a bondage lover, time flies very fast in these kind of situation).
    Anahi was really perfect and I greatly recommend to try that experience.

  6. Daan

    I had an amazing experience. Anahi is a very dangerous girl. She really loves having full control and that shows. She made a nice mix of leaving me alone and having a conversation with me. I just LOVED the new cage. Never experienced that before, but there is really no way out of that thing and I really like that.

    At the end of the experience I mildly resisted her putting a new set of cuffs on me, but she immediately reacted firmly. Wow, girl of my dreams! Anahi is very sweet on first sight, but she has no pity to leave me cuffed and helpless.

    Bottom line: Fantastic experience!

    I’ll be back for some more prison time!

  7. András

    I arrived to the bondagetimeout site second time. The quiet street of Woerden was already known to me. I was very excited when I ringed the doorbell. I greeted Anahí and she escorted me to the first floor. Now I was familiar with the arresting procedure. I have choosen the striped jumpsuit and intended to change as soon as possible. I had to stand in the middle of the room when I was hand- and legcuffed. I had to enter to the cell and stand facing to the wall. She brought some chains. I had to kneel and I was chained to the bed to prevent standing up. I was blindfolded in this period. When Ahahí came back again, she had a surprise to me: a young girl, her guard trainee. She demonstrated the hogcuffing on me. I have very enjoyed it. After then they had an extra attraction to me. Anahí trampled me on my back with high heel shoes. In the next period I had to lie on the bed on my back. To prevent getting up, my legs were chained to the bed. A special Italian handcuff is attached to my wrists which can be adjusted by a screen. This cuff is rigid and holds the hands in praying position.
    When my legs were released from the bed I had to get up. However my legs were chained to each other, thus I could walk in 3 cm steps only. I had to walk through the cell two times. This time my hands were cuffed by Clejuso heavy handcuffs. Then I had to lie down on the floor. I was ordered to lie under the bed. Unfortunately I am thinner by a few centimetre to go there, but we recognized that these centimetres are missing under the frame of the bed only. Thus Anahy solved the problem, she lifted up the bed and put it over my back. It was very funny lying there. When I could come out, I had to sit on the floor. This is not so easy cuffed behind back, effective abdominal exercise. After this I could relax on the bed handcuffed in front and my wrists chained to my ankles. I have get a bottle of water. I had to figure out how to drink cuffed: I had to lift up my legs. In this position the chain allowed to move the bottle to my mouth. After this relaxation my imprisonment is finished for today and I became free.
    The four hours elapsed so quickly that I would stay more in the prison. I have enjoyed everything. The highlights of this stay were the trampling and lying under the bed. The guard trainee girls was a nice surprise. I am sure that I will come back again as soon as I can. I intend to improve my respect and loyality to ladies.

  8. András

    I have found the bondagetimeout facility via the web. Since I am very interested in imprisonment and being cuffed and restricted, I decided that I have to try it. I combined my first visit with an official travel to the Netherlands.
    I have connected to them via the web page. They answered very quickly and scheduled a session to me with Anahí. She was very flexible in the appointment allowing me to arrive very at 6AM due to my other obligations.
    At first trial I was scheduled for two hours. My special request was to be blindfolded during the session. My hands were cuffed behind my back and fixed to the chain waistbelt. My ankles were also cuffed. I had to kneel against the wall in the first hour.
    For the second hour I was hogcuffed. During this hour she changed the different handcuffs on my wrists: chained, hinged and rigid. I have never been cuffed by rigid handcuff thus this was my first experience with them. As an extra I had get headball onto my head to restrict my visual observation. During the session Anahi taken excellent photos with my camera. Many details of the cuffing became clear to me from the photos only, since I was blindfolded during the session.
    I have very enjoyed all minutes of my imprisonment. I have decided immediately that I will come again to Anahi, but for longer time.

  9. Jay

    I have spend one hour in jail guarded by Anahi and on a later day two hours in segufix with Zara as the nurse. Both were a great experiences, both ladies are good roleplayers and extremely nice and friendly. Although they are strict too.
    It’s a nice feeling to see that hour world is limited to the cell or the bed you are in. Thank you Ladies!!

  10. chastity prisoner

    Just did a vèeeeery long time and I loved every minute. Just me and a good book; no phone or computer to distract me, only the lovely guard who put me in various cuffs and other hellish devices. Anahi is probably the sweetest guard in the universe but don’t mess with her. She might get very evil……:D.
    Thank you for the wonderful experience.

  11. Sven


    the BTO is a great idea, you can spend your booked time in cuffs with a very lovely guard. You can try serveral ways to be cuffed and you will learn a lot of different cuffs.
    I had two BTOs and sure I will comeback for another one. Both where great experiences and exciting and relaxing hours.
    So if you are interessted in cuffs or if you like beeing tied up – you should book a BTO.

  12. Martin

    I have had two BTO’s. It were very perfect hours with Anahi and Zara. My plan is to come again in May 2020 if possible.
    BTO is a very exciting experience, that I can recommend to everybody who like to be cuffed for some hours.

  13. Chastity Prisoner

    Spent a lot of time in that jail ( the last time even in drag) and it was a lot of fun. The guard, Anahi, is very sweet and fortunately also very strict. I taught her how to cuff someone effectively to a chair and immediately regretted it: she left for half an hour without possibility to move! We had a good laugh about that. Highly recommended.

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