Prison Time

Need some prison time?? Our prison cell is waiting for you! Our lovely female guards will lock you in handcuffs and ankle cuffs, and tell you to leave your shoes and personal belongings behind. You will remain cuffed for the entire experience. There will be no release before your time is up.


We have jumpsuits (orange and striped), and hundreds of restraints to make your stay very exciting! Of course, you are also welcome to bring your own clothes, for example if you like crossdressing or high heels. We have real prison belly chain handcuffs, high security blue boxes (handcuff covers), genuine hand tubes, lots of waist chains, handcuffs, and leg irons. We also have straitjackets in many sizes! At a minimum, you will be handcuffed and ankle cuffed. More restraints can be added for the more experienced restraints fan. You will be locked in our prison cell and you will stay there until your time is up.

Our guards love to ‘hogcuff’ their prisoners. This is not easy, but it is a very exciting option during your prison time. Your handcuffs will be attached to your ankle cuffs and you will have to lie down on your belly for as long as the guard keeps you in that position. They also like giving you challenges, and to put you in other harsh positions for a while.

During long stays, you can ask the guard to use the toilet (in restraints), maybe she will even give you some water, but she will decide!

Any special wishes can be discussed beforehand, we will do our best to make your prison time the best experience ever!

More information and pricing here.


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