Segufix Time

Need a little Segufix timeout? We have all the Segufix restraints needed for a perfect asylum experience! Ankle, wrist, and thigh straps are the minimum requirements. We can add belly straps, shoulder straps, and even head fixation for the experienced restraints fan. Additionally, hand mittens are available to make you feel even more helpless. We also have straitjackets in many sizes, which can be used in combination with Segufix or in our prison or cage.

You will be strapped onto a real hospital bed by a lovely nurse. She will monitor you and keep you safe, but she will not release you before your time is up. Once you are strapped in, you will have to remain there for your chosen time period.

You are encouraged to use the facilities toilets before getting strapped in, because getting you unstrapped and strapped in again takes a lot of time and it will take away from your experience.

More information and pricing here.


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